SF6 🔥 Sako (Chun-Li) vs Bonchan (Luke) 🔥 Street Fighter 6

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The best replay channel for Street Fighter 6 is here! Enjoy watching these awesome players fight each other in an exciting match. We always bring the best matches to you! 👊 Find the social media accounts of your favorite player and follow those who appear on the channel, including those featured in these videos (if they have social media accounts), using this link: 🤍shorturl.at/JRUZ5 👊 If you would like to contribute more information about the players' contacts, please fill out: 🤍forms.gle/71FNhEVyDHoguWGGA 👍 Like this video if you're enjoying it! Subscribe for more. 👉 I recorded all of the footage and compiled it using the in-game replay system, which is openly available for all players to view and share public replays. I then edited the footage in Magix Vegas with overlays and video edits to provide educational entertainment. All footage seen in this video is copyright-free. The purpose of this video is to provide high-level educational content of Street Fighter 6, so that viewers can learn new combos and more! Thank you for watching! #TheFGCPlace #StreetFighter6 #SF6

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SF6 🔥 Sako (Chun-Li) vs Bonchan (Luke) 🔥 Street Fighter 6
SF6 🔥 Sako (Chun-Li) vs Bonchan (Luke) 🔥 Street Fighter 6
SF6 🔥 Sako (Chun-Li) vs Bonchan (Luke) 🔥 Street Fighter 6
SF6 🔥 Sako (Chun-Li) vs Bonchan (Luke) 🔥 Street Fighter 6
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